Consistency: Keep Stepping Up To The Plate

April 5, 2019

The irony of today’s post is that this week we aren’t being consistent! I know that this hurts us in the long run as a podcast, but in the interest of being totally transparent…with our schedules, lives, and what we are trying to accompish personally and professionally, we can’t always remain consistent.

So today I want to give you permission to be inconsistent sometimes. Show the market that you are human.

Perfection is impossible.

Consistency should be key… but sometimes it’s not always attainable.

Some of you are going to be upset that we don’t have a podcast out this week, and some of you are going to understand that rather than put out half-way productions, we would rather spare you the time and invite you to read or go back and listen to some of our other conversations.

What I can promise you is this.. we will continue to interview people who are actually in the field doing this work.

We will remain consistent in the quality of the people we bring on our show. (Though we didn’t have a podcast out today…. we promise quality over quantity).

Ultimately, we want to provide you with a resource that is real to life and is realistic for you.

Breathe easy today.

But…tomorrow… get back up on that horse. Step up to the plate and swing away. Never quit rising to the occasion and when you fail, understand that failure is a part of the process too.

The most successful people aren’t the ones who never failed and who were always consistent…. the most successful people are the ones who kept coming back to the lane they were running in and never quit in the long run.

Step up to the plate…and keep swinging. You may strike out or foul out, but you were present…you were there… and that counts every time!

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