RRE PODCAST EPISODE 26 & 27: Navigating Your First 2 Years in Real Estate with Derek Trainer (Part 1&2)

October 26, 2018
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Today’s Episode is going to be a very educational one!  Especially if you are new in the business.

We have Derek Trainer from The Parks Realty Group on our podcast and you are in for a treat.  Derek is in his 3rd year of Real Estate and has been moving and shaking all along the way. In Part 1, we hear a little of Derek’s story, who he is, how he got to where he is, and a little bit about his family and his dreams.  What makes this story so important for new agents is that we all need examples of people who have been where we are, looking at what seems like insurmountable goals, and to be able to see that it can be done.

In Part 2 Derek shares about his business, how he got where he’s at and what routines and skills he’s been able to develop to help him in his journey.

Derek is a good friend and a great Realtor here in the Middle Tennessee area.  We recommend him and his services, and we trust that you will get something special out of this podcast if you are a Realtor looking for some more wisdom and counsel on how to operate your business.

Thanks for following us today!  Enjoy!


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