November 30, 2018

Build Relationships, Solve Problems, & Have Fun

A few weeks ago our regional Realtor community had a conference for the Greater Nashville Assocation of Realtors.  The keynote speaker for this event was a guy named Sean Carpenter, a Realtor out of Ohio who trains and speaks on a national scale.  Sean’s talk that day was about three core concepts that are his central message wherever he goes to speak: Building Relationships, Solving Problems, and Having Fun.

Sean told story after story of people he had interacted with in his life and one by one, each of these stories was about the relational component of what and who we are as Realtors.  I was moved to ask him if he’d let me interview him on our podcast and he graciously agreed.

So today’s podcast is with Sean Carpenter and we are glad to share it with you!

Take Good Notes

We always want to encourage our listeners to not just listen but to grab a pen and take good notes when you listen to these conversations.  There is so much good stuff that came out of this conversation that you are going to want to write some of this down.

At the end, Sean gives one of the best and most practical daily activity/productivity tips I have heard so far in this business. He is full of ideas and can be found on his blog www.carpscorner.net.  We want to encourage you to check out his site, learn as much as you can from him.  He’s a great guy and has some great content that we believe you can put into practice starting today.

Click on the screenshot of Sean’s website to go on over there and read some of his great stories and learn some new stuff!

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