December 21, 2018

“Every struggle in your life has shaped you into the person you are today. Be thankful for the hard times; they can only make you stronger.”

Coach K

A Different Kind of Interview

Today we have a very special “Christmas” episode for you.  This podcast interview will be like no other we’ve had so far on this podcast because we want to highlight someone’s Story that I met back a few months ago.  This episode will also have a bit of a tropical feel to it as well because it was recorded while I was in Destin, FL with my family for Fall Break this year.

Every year, my family goes down to the Emerald Coast of Florida for Fall Break and this year was no different.  We spend beautiful days relaxing on the beach, ate dinner at some great restaurants, and enjoyed our annual trip on AJ’s dolphin tour with Captain Nick Williams of the Seaquest.

This year was no different except that this time, I got to sit down with Captain Nick and talk a little bit about the Destin culture and what kinds of things take place down there throughout the year.  But the thing I really wanted to talk about with Nick was his faith journey.  This was the fourth time my family had been on his boat, and there was just something kind of different about him this year.  So at the end of the tour that night, I pulled him aside and asked him if he would sit down and share some of his story with us.

That’s what you are going to get from Nick on today’s podcast.

A Divine Encounter

For some of you who listen to our weekly podcast, you may have found our tips and practical advice to be helpful for your business, and we hope to continue to do more of that this coming year.  But aside from all that, we wanted to take a moment this Christmas season to talk about the real reason why we do what we do.

Christmas isn’t just about presents and family and kindness and peace and joy.  It’s about a very specific moment in human history where God came down in the form of a human baby, the baby Jesus.  This child grew into a man who taught people a new way of living, an alternative kingdom not of this world.  And in the same way God invaded our planet that cold night in Bethlehem, He also wants to invade each and every human heart with his love and presence through the gift of His Son Jesus.

Nick talks a little bit about this life-changing encounter he had with Christ and we wanted to take a moment this Christmas to remind you to take a serious look at Jesus as the One who comes to reach your heart and invite you into a bigger Story than the one you are in.

Center of Your Own Story?

As Real Estate agents, we can often find ourselves at the center of our own stories.  So much work and time goes into making a name for ourselves that it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle of life and the busyness of the Season.  We want to bring the focus back around on someone else other than ourselves as the Centerpiece to our Story.  We hope that this Christmas, Nick’s story will maybe encourage you if you find  yourself needing to get back to what really matters in life.

We have something in our hands with this Real Estate thing that has a lot of potential for change in this world.  Use what you have for the greater good. And give Jesus a real hard look this Christmas and in the New Year.  We believe He is life itself and offers it to anyone who would have Him enter in.

Thanks for following us this year and Merry Christmas.  We hope you enjoy today’s podcast!

Art Kelly & Paul Murray

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