How to Listen to a Podcast

November 19, 2018

“We cannot become what we need by remaining what we are.”
John C. Maxwell


I’m not going to bore you today with a bunch of statistics about the usefulness and growing popularity of podcasts.  If you’re reading this, it’s probably because you’ve discovered us and you are already benefiting from the valuable content we are trying to provide through these interviews with business professionals and successful Realtors.

What I am going to do today is give you some quick ways to listen to a podcast.    We hope you will take advantage of this great learning resource.

Ways to Listen

  • Listen as a Student.  If you are on the journey to listen to podcasts, it’s because you want to learn.  Education is moving into a new arena with podcasts.  More and more everyday people are doing this so that they can share the insights they’ve learned along the way.  Approach this process with a willingness to become a student again.
  • Listen on Your Phone.  You can listen to podcasts on your phone.   Just go to the following apps and look up “Rookie Real Estate Podcast” in the search bar on each app.
    • If you have an iPhone you can download podcasts through the iTunes Podcast app.  The icon looks like this on your phone .
    • If you have an Android Phone, you can download podcasts as well through the Google Play Music App.  The icon looks like this on your phone.



  • Listen on Your Computer at Work.  If you have a desktop and time to listen at the workplace or on your lunch break.  You can  go to either, or to listen as well.  We have put the icons in this post for you to easily go and listen there as well.  Once you are on the page, you can look up any podcast you want to listen to in the Search menu.  Be sure to get a notebook out and take good notes on each session.
  • Listen in Your Car.   Most people have a commute to and from work, to and from their lunch break,  or as they are working on the road.  Podcasting allows you to turn your vehicle into a mobile university.   Get a new education as you are driving back and forth between the places you need to get to.  Learn to have an “As You are Going Along” mentality.  Podcasting is a great way to get that extra bit of encouragement, insight, or ideas that will take your business to the next level.
  • Listen to other Podcasts.  We don’t claim to have the Real Estate profession or the Business world on lockdown.  We listen to podcasts as well.  Some great podcasts you may want to listen to are as follows.  (All of these links take you to “” where you can listen on your desktop.  You can also download stitcher for podcasts on your phone)

Final Thoughts

Podcasting is a great way to gain the knowledge you need to become the kind of agent you want to be.  It’s like having your own personal mentor walking you through the steps to becoming better at what you do.  We obviously value this method of learning and we want you to begin using it as well so you can learn and grow into a solid sales professional.

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