November 26, 2018

Routine is the sign of an ambitious individual.”

Tom Ferry (Real Estate Coach)

Devotion to the Process

If you are like me, the winter shift comes on you quickly and you don’t realize it until it’s too late.  This year, I’ve determined not to be left behind.  Not only are we in the process of learning about the shifts that take place seasonally in the real estate market, we are also in the process of educating our buyers and sellers in the ways of the seasonal shift that we are experiencing in our market right now.

Today we want to offer up 4 means to navigating successfully through the winter.  You aren’t going to like them, we promise.  Because they are going to require you to step out of your comfort zone, engage people in a more aggressive manner, and put yourself out there probably more than you ever have.

4 Means to Navigating the Seasonal Shift

  1. Be Consistent.  Do the same things in the winter you were doing in the spring and summer when people were still in the throes of the market.  Just because people around you are slowing down, doesn’t mean you have to.  Keep making those phone calls, writing those thank you notes, building that social media platform.
  2. Be Active.  Double down on your efforts to stay active. Do the physical exercise you need to keep the blood flowing every day.  Get out into the marketplace and build friendships with people during the holiday season.  Take advantage of the downtime to reach back out to your former clients and write thank you notes, buy them pumpkin pies, or do something with a charity that involves your old clients.  Whatever you do, don’t just sit there.  Activity breeds productivity.
  3. Be Visible.  If people can’t see you in the community, in the neighborhood, in the marketplace, then they won’t know to call you.  You have to remain “Top of Mind” with the people in your sphere of influence.   They aren’t going to be thinking about selling their home right now.. but they certainly need you to remain visible and top of mind for them so when the moment comes, you’ll be the first person they call.  Things you can do to remain “top of mind”:   Get on Facebook live and preview a home with a personalized video.  Plan and put on an Open House.  Call 5 friends a day and ask them how they are doing.  I’m sure you can come up with some new ideas as well.   If you need some ideas, go to our Wednesday freebie  5 Prospecting Strategies of Giants
  4. Be Different. There’s a saying that “if you want to keep getting the results you’ve been getting, keep doing the things you’ve been doing.”  Do things differently.  Maybe sponsor a Christmas event, buy coffee and donuts for a local school staff or one of your client’s businesses.  Get serious about making your mark on your town in such a way that people are surprised by what you are doing.  Be surprising!  Don’t do what is expected.  Learn how to push the edges of your own comfort zone to walk into new environments and change the temperature of the room.  Don’t simply reflect the attitudes of the people around you, set a new temperature so they can know that you mean business and you mean to be different.

Simple but Profound

Sometimes the most difficult things are overcome in the simplest of ways.  The things we’ve shared with you today are simple, but not simplistic.  You actually have to do the work of a farmer, even in the winter.  Perhaps especially in the winter.  Keep planting those seeds, being active & visible  in the market, and surprise people along the way.  As you do this, you’ll find that people want to be surprised.  And people want to work with people who can lead them and not be so predictable.  Good luck!



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