September 25, 2018


There’s a saying in this business.

“What you don’t do today, you’ll see the effects of it three months from now.”

This is what’s called a “PIPELINE” Business.  You can’t live tomorrow on today’s closing.  You always have to keep a pipeline of business flowing or you will find yourself without a paycheck three months from now.

So… what do you do?

Here it is.  PROSPECT.


The prospectors of old were gold miners.  They dug and worked and dug  and chipped away at the rock for hours and days until some gold was revealed that they could take back and sell and get money for.

Never thought you’d be a golddigger huh?  Welcome to the Real Estate business.

The absolute minimum time you need to be prospecting is two hours every day, uninterrupted.

If you can do this consistently, you’ll see results in this business.  Prospecting doesn’t always look the same either.  It can be Open Houses, phone calls (warm and cold calling), door knocking, social media advertising, setting up camp in a neighborhood over time every day or week, attending community events & dinners, business to business calling…whatever it looks like for you to get in front of as many people every day.

It’s work.

And it’s worth it.

So get to it.



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