November 5, 2018

by Art Kelly

“Without ambition one starts nothing. Without work one finishes nothing. The prize will not be sent to you. You have to win it.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Disappointing Days

Yesterday I spent two hours in an open house for one of my clients and didn’t get even so much as a knock at the door.  Saturday I had 3 visitors, but Sunday felt like a tremendous waste of time.  I took time out of my family’s schedule, blew up balloons, put them out on all my signs, set up shop at 1:00 and just pretty much sat for two hours with not a single soul to show the house to!

Ever have days like that?  Disappointing.  Wasteful.

Don’t be discouraged!  Everyone has days like that in Real Estate! It’s ok!  Here’s 4 ways to make the best of work that seems like a waste.

  1.  USE SOCIAL MEDIA: Just because no one is showing up doesn’t mean you aren’t able to show people you are working.  Get on Facebook Live or Instagram and post a video of you working your open house. Don’t shy away from letting people know this is how you market their home.  People need to see you in action.  Take the extra time you have to let people know through Social Media that you are out there doing it!
  2. CALL UP POTENTIAL BUYERS/CLIENTS:   Use the time to be productive!  Call on your past clients, future buyers and everyone in between who might need to know you are out here helping families sell their homes.  Get on the horn and use that Open House time to catch up on some much needed contact points you’ve been putting off.  Call people!
  3. UPDATE YOUR DATABASE:  Expanding and updating the information on your database should be an ongoing part of your business.  You should be constantly meeting new people and connecting with potential buyers, sellers, strategic partners, and other Realtors.  Keep building your list of people so you can keep in contact with them.
  4. WRITE A NEWSLETTER: Take the time to write a blog post or a newsletter to the people who are subscribing to your website.  If you don’t have anyone subscribed, get to work building a Platform for yourself.  The best resource you can begin with is the book “PLATFORM” By Michael Hyatt.  This is a great way to begin building a following and establishing yourself as a “Go-TO” person in your market.

Farming for Business

You are not just going to wake up one day with a mess of phone calls from people who need what you provide unless you spend the necessary time today working those fields!  What we are doing is a seed planting business.  It takes time and it take effort.  If you’ll put in the time, even the time that feels wasted will not be a waste because you were moving and creating with intention!  Keep moving forward and don’t let those long days in an empty house keep you from feeling like you’re doing work that matters.  You are!  Just keep at it!

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