Realistic Expectations For Sellers

April 14, 2019

Convincing Your Clients

One of the most difficult parts of our work as Realtors is convincing people that we really do know something about what we are talking about. The more familiar we become with the process of listing or helping a buyer purchase a home, the more knowledgeable we get. The more knowledgeable we get, the more we can pass that on as a benefit to our clients.

I’m not the best person for you to call about selling your home because you know me. I’m the best person because I can guide you through this process like I have several other people over the last few months.

I’m working for your benefit to become more knowledgeable about this process so I can can pass that benefit on to you as the seller.

Setting Expectations

So when you are sitting down with a seller for the first time, it’s going to be critical that you gather a lot of information from them to use in the sale of their home. It’s also going to be critical for you to lay out for them how this process usually goes.

What about buyers? You are going to need to prepare them for the different kinds of buyers who will potentially be looking at their home. You need to be telling them how you plan to market their home.

What about multiple offers? How do they know which buyer to choose if they end up with multiple offers?

What about price? How do they price it in such a way as to position themselves to successfully sell their home at a reasonable profit?

Should I offer to pay closing costs? How much are closing costs and how much of those closing costs should they cover for a potential buyer who puts an offer on their home?

What about safety? How are you going to keep your family safe while your house is being shown by different agents bringing different families in to look at your home during the time it’s listed?

What about time? How long should we expect it will take to go under contract? Once we go under contract, how long will it take to actually close?

What about staging, prepping the home? Should we stage it? How do we prepare the house to get it ready to sell? Should we go ahead and get a home inspection? Why should we get a home inspection as a seller?

Final Thoughts

You are going to have to position yourself in the mind of your clients as the expert in this line of work. Increasingly, Realtors are having to compete with larger systems, bigger marketing programs, and internet real estate giants. The way we combat our competition is by providing a service that these larger corporations cannot come close to. We can educate them, prepare them, and set proper expectations for our clients in ways that these larger companies cannot.

Join me in sustaining a professionalism among your clients. Set proper expectations and give people a reason to want to work with an individual that genuinely cares about them and knows the market they are in.

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