Our latest episode was a conversation with my good friend and fellow Realtor, Aaron Lovett of Weichert Realtors the Andrews Group here in Murfreesboro, TN.

Aaron is an award winning Realtor here in the Middle Tennessee area who has really found himself in a great spot working with buyers and sellers who continue to refer him business in the area. Our conversation with Aaron was a great addition to our podcast.

Aaron is a family man, which you will discover pretty quickly as you listen to him talk. He is also dedicated to the process of doing the activities needed to build the kind of business we all hope to build.

We hope you enjoy our conversation with Aaron on today’s podcast. We hope that you will learn as much from Aaron as we did! As always, feel free to subscribe to our podcast and listen to learn more about how to build a business that lasts!


On May 31, 2019, on the Rookie Real Estate Podcast we had a great conversation with Michael J Maher of the ReferCo company. Michael is a business coach, a national speaker, and the author of The 7 Levels of Communication and co-author or Miracle Mornings for Real Estate Agents with Hal Elrod.

Michael graciously gave us some of his time to talk about his personal story and how he got where he is in his real estate business. He has since moved to Atlanta where he can travel and speak around the country at different training and coaching events to help Agents learn the power of building an “army of ambassadors” through an “event-based” business that focuses on getting personal referrals.

Our conversation was great and we look forward to sharing this information with all of you! We hope you learn as much or more as we did and that you’ll look up Michael J Maher at Pick up a copy of his book The 7 Levels of Communication and get ready to see your business grow!


May 24th on the Rookie Real Estate Podcast we had a very special guest and friend, Jessica Harrison. Jessica is a Realtor working in the Yorba Linda/Anaheim Hills area of Southern California. She works with Keller Williams and has established herself in her business for 10 Years now.

Jessica got her start in the Nashville area working under a great brokerage in the area, Weichert Realtors. She brings a wealth of experience and knowledge from her ten years of experience and we are glad she came on to share some of her stories. We hope you will enjoy our conversation. I know I did and I learned so much! Enjoy!

If you like listening to our conversation today and would like to get in touch with Jessica, you can reach her at her email or you can call her at 714-815-0078. If you are needing an agent to refer people to in that area… feel free to contact her that way as well!


Our newest episode is our conversation with Jay Papasan, VP of the Real Estate Giant, Keller Williams, based in Austin, TX.

Jay graciously agreed to let us talk with him about his story, his work at Keller Williams as VP of Publishing and several other various talking points about Real Estate, the industry, how to find clients, and how to prepare for the coming changes in the market. We hope you enjoy this conversation and encourage you to further learn about Jay on his website:

We also encourage you to pick up a copy of the book he coauthored with Gary Keller… The ONE Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results.

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