ROOKIE HACK # 24: Use the NextDoor App

June 8, 2019

Technology is a great tool in the Real Estate business. Something we don’t often realize is how much the small things matter to our clientele. That’s why this week we want to encourage you to download and start using the “NextDoor App”.

NextDoor is a great way for you to connect with those in your local area of proximity. A few features of the app are:

  • It is a social platform to connect you and your actual neighbors
  • An email client to directly email people within the network.
  • A postcard client which allows you to send postcards directly to people within the app.
  • A “recommendation” section where you can recommend certain vendors of services when the need arises.
  • A “real estate” section which tells you which neighbors are selling their homes.
  • A “Crime & Safety” section where neighbors can talk about different safety issues and crime’s they’ve seen in the neighborhood.
  • So much more!!

We think the Nextdoor App is a great addition to any agent’s business. As with all technology, we encourage you to watch your time on the app. It’s easy to think you are being productive when you are on social media… and there are ways to be productive… but ultimately, it’s still better to meet people “face to face”, “one-on-one”, through phone calls, or at events and seminars.

Learn more about the App on their website

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