ROOKIE HACK #26: Partner With A Mortgage Lender to Sponsor Mailouts, Events, etc.

June 10, 2019

A little known but very important “trade secret” in the business world is that you can’t do business alone! Don’t market all by yourself. Don’t be a lone ranger. Don’t carry the burden of marketing your business all on your own shoulders!

Just because you are a Real Estate Agent doesn’t mean that you have to be taken advantage of . I want you to put a new phrase in your vocabulary…

Here it is: “Strategic Partnership”.

By developing a Strategic Partnership with a few business professionals whose business touches yours in some way, you can leverage the power of the third party referral with your clients. This is what I want to talk about today!

3 Reasons to Develop a Strategic Partnership

Number 1 Reason: You can’t do this alone! Call up your favorite lender/banker/mortgage professional and ask them if they have a budget for marketing their business. If they do, ask them if they’ll help you by helping your put together a “Buyer Info Packet” which shares both your and their personal information that can be mailed out to all your prospective buyers. They can help you come up with flyers, handouts, and may some other marketing material for which you would personally benefit!

Number 2 Reason: The Power of the 3rd Party Referral! It’s one thing to ask people to trust you to help them with the purchase or sale of their home. Its an entirely different thing when you have another business professional speaking highly of you and your services. That 3rd party referral makes all the difference in the eyes of the public because it’s not you “tooting your own horn” !

Number 3 Reason: You are in this business for the Relationships not the individual transactions. Transactions will come and go. Closings will happen, you’ll get paid, and you’ll move on. But the relationships you build with your clients, your “Strategic Partnerships”, and any other people you meet along the way are the reason for doing this business. These relationships can last longer than the home buying or selling process.. and that’s ok! Because ultimately a good client experience goes well beyond the sale and transcends the life of the deal.

Partner with your Mortgage people, your insurance people, your title company, etc. That way you can team up and split the cost of reaching out to a potential client base!

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