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Every week we highlight one of our Rooke “Hacks”. These are practical, inspirational, and educational tricks of the trade to help you in your business. You can read these as you need them, search the list and look for what you currently need, or simply try and put into practice a new skill. Good Luck!

RH1 – Keep Moving Forward

RH2 – Using Video On Social Media

RH3 – Managing Seller Expectations

RH4 – Recommendations On Social Media

RH5 – Consistency: Never Give Up!

RH6 – How To Use Zillow,Open Door, Etc To Your Advantage

RH7 – Be Exceptional, Do More Than Required

RH8 – Morning Routine: Start Your Day Out Right!

RH9 – Love Your Customers Well, Ignore The Competition

RH10 – Know Your Personality Profiles

RH11 – Keep Prospecting: 9 Things to Keep Doing

RH12 – 1000 True Fans: Growing An “Army of Ambassadors”

RH13 – Focus on People Not Profits

RH14 – Time Management: Giving Yourself Permission To Do “You”

RH15 – Manage Buyer Expectations

RH16 – Get Out Of The Office: Don’t Just Hang Around Realtors

RH17 – Stay Positive: Beauty, Justice, Wholeness, Reconciliation

RH18 – Pick A Restaurant to Frequent

RH19 – Top 10 Books You Need To Read This Year

RH20 – Use The Homesnap App

RH21 – Sean Carpenter’s 4-H Club

RH22 – Take Time Off Every Week

RH23 – How to Start Again

RH24 – Use The Nextdoor App

RH25 – Finish Strong

RH26 – Partner With A Mortgage Lender to Sponsor Mailouts, Events, etc.

RH27 – Action Cures Fear

RH28 – Using Mailchimp for Newsletters

RH29 – Balancing Family & Career

RH30 – 7 Levels of Communication

RH31 – How To Listen To A Podcast

RH32 – Full Focus Planner

RH33 – Put In The Work, Even If It Feels Like A Waste!

RH34 – CRM: Staying In Contact With Your Database

RH35 – 5 Prospecting Strategies Of Giants

RH36 – Write Thank You Notes: The Most Powerful Thing You Do Every Day

RH37 – Doing Work That Matters

RH38 – The Gig Economy: How To Keep Cash Flowing

RH39 – Interviewing Your Broker

RH40 – Top Characteristics of Successful Business People

RH41 – How Do I Find Clients?

RH42 – Story Marketing

RH43 – What’s Next? Your First 30 Days In Real Estate

RH44 – What Do You Want?

RH45 – Pipeline Business

RH46 – List To Our Podcast!

RH47 – Realtor Events & Seminars

RH48 – Working Through Winter

RH49 – 1-on-1 Meetings

RH50 – Real Estate Isn’t Easy Work

RH51 – Who You Gonna Call?

RH52 – It’s All In The Follow Up

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