December 31, 2018
“Regardless of your age or station in life, it all comes down to one simple truth: you just have to start.”
Jon Acuff, START
The New Year is upon us.
It’s time to let go of yesterday and look forward into the future with hope, anticipation, and a business plan.
Have you thought about this?
I know, I know… there’s still some football games to watch, sparklers to buy at the local Walmart, and fireworks to shoot off tonight!  But New Year’s comes with new responsibilities as well.  So once you sleep off the New Year’s Eve festivities and get home from your vacation, take time to plan out the next year.
Using some of our conversations with our guest from the podcast in 2018, I’d like to offer up some helpful advice for you in getting your business plan together.
  1. Prepare Yourself For the Week Ahead.  There is no greater waste of time than taking time in the middle of your morning trying to plan your time!  Take a few minutes on Sunday night before you go to bed to map out your day before it happens.  Pick your top three contacts to get in touch with that day and write their names down on the top of your list.    (Click here to listen to our conversation with Coach Michael Burt to learn some great strategies for planning your business.)
  2. Prioritize Your Highest Value Activity for the Mornings.  The first things you do in the morning are the most important to get done.  Schedule prospecting time, contacting prospective clients time, and personal growth time first thing in the morning.  Prioritize family time by scheduling it!  (Click here to listen to our conversation with Veteran Agent Tony Carletello to hear more about how to prioritize your life to make maximum impact in your business.)
  3. Practice Sean Carpenter’s 4-H club.  A few weeks ago in our conversation with Sean Carpenter, near the end of the podcast, Sean gave us a strategy for getting into contact with no less than 30 people each day through top-of-mind social networking practices.  He calls it the 4-H club and it can revolutionize your business this year.  Imagine the kind of impact you could make by handwriting personal notes, wishing happy birthday to friends in a unique way, high fiving people through social media, and randomly texting 5 friends each day?  (Click here to listen to our conversation with Sean Carpenter about ways you can better reach your sphere of influence in a fun, problem-solving, relational way.)
  4. Prospect Everyday for New Business.  Take time everyday to prospect.  Whether that is through Open Houses, knocking on doors, making phone calls, writing letters, networking with other realtors, attending community events…whatever.  However you plan to do it… just take action this year.  Resolve to do it and do it!  (Click here to listen to our conversation with Jen Tooley about how she built her business as a mother and entrepreneur her first two years.)
  5. Plan You Business for 2019.  Take time this week if you haven’t done it yet to look back over the work you did this past year, measure where your business came from, and look forward to how you can plan for the business in the year to come.  There are many great business plan templates out there online from a multitude of incredible Real Estate Coaches and business professionals.  Talk to your Broker about how you will plan your business for the coming year.  Plan your work and Work you Plan.  (Click here to listen to our conversation with Chris Garrett about how to plan your business and work hard to build the right relationships that will propel you to the next level this coming year.)

As you plan for the new year, take advantage of the resource that this site can be to help you learn how to succeed in your Real Estate business.  We have had some great conversations with some very successful people who have been able to help us do our business better.  We want to keep sharing great resources into the new year.

If you haven’t yet downloaded it yet, get your free pdf copy of YOUR FIRST 30 DAYS IN REAL ESTATE right here!  Look for our other great resources like our Daily Productivity Tracker and the Buyer Info Sheet.  We want to keep offering great tools for you to use in your business and hope to come up with some other great opportunities in the coming weeks.  2019 promises to be a great year!  Get Started and Work Your Plan!!

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